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Sunday, January 30, 2011


Debbie's choice. Formally known as Gypsy village (and still has a site with this name, although we couldn't see many Gypsies). Renamed Sandringham in 1887. Friendly little bayside suburb, famous for its nice little beach, the beachfront rotunda/bandstand, the Sandy pub, beautiful (but not too elaborate) houses in tree-lined streets, and being the former place of residence of Australia's former PM - Bob Hawke. Also, as we discovered, another notable resident was Alan Marshall - author of 'I can jump puddles'. We captured a photo of his plaque below for your perusal.

Debbie's View
The seas were friendly this day my friend, so the lifesavers were able to beat the heat with some icy poles.

 Love on the rocks.

 A spell?

 This book caught my eye.

I love the beautiful grasses on the cliff tops.

I told you I loved these!

 The iconic rotunda.

 A couple of locals looking a little worried.
Downtown Sandringham with the station on the left.

An example of some of the beautiful architecture you will find in Sandringham.  This house is actually a private nursing home.

Sarah's View
It looks like  those bushes are steps.

I think this photo is  very interesting.

wow wow wow wow i love this cloud.

Okay i love this all the rocks black,brown,light brown i love it !

ROCKS ROCKS on the beach splashing in the water having so much fun! (that was a song)

sparkles are every where.

red pink and the glass makes the perfect picture of all.

Tromble toys is here today but not really it was closed

Fishes swimming around and around and around.



A nice bright yellow flower


A lovely pink flower

Lovely purple flowers

Dale's View
Hobsons - a popular Sandringham restaurant - conjurs up memories of the movie 'Arthur'

Sandringham - home of the giant .....eggbeater?

Some Sandringham Seaweed

Got the wide angle 9-18mm out for this one. Its 'Sandy' beach.
The stairs that led us up from the beach to the shops, pub and lunch.

The 'Sandy' - a pub on beach road, and site of our afternoon lunch.

One of the little shopping strips in Sandy - with the Sandringham train station off in the distance.

Can't go past a blue Mustang on 3 views day without taking a couple of snaps.

Mmmm, ice cold beer....part of our little lunch break in the Sandy.

Sandy station - end of the line.

One of the lovely Sandringham houses - on Abbott St.

Apartment complex on Abbott St - I like the geometry.

Alan Marshall - former Sandringham resident and famous Australian author. Outside the Sandy library.

The Sandringham Yacht Club - home of some of the Sydney to Hobart race winners (so Wiki tells me).

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